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Photo by Katie Kutilek

Breakfast Menu

#1 - Classic Breakfast ~ Two eggs, freshly grated hash browns and toast - $4.95, with sausage links or bacon- $6.95

#2 - Frittata Sandwich ~ Potato, mushroom, green olive and spinach egg pie served on Country French with scallion cream cheese. $5.95

#3 - French Toast ~ Three slices dipped in egg, Irish Cream, and cinnamon, grilled, served with pure maple syrup - $7.50

#4 - Primavera Omelet ~ Roasted zucchini, caramelized onions, spinach, mushrooms, and herb chevre with freshly grated hash browns and toast. $7.75

#5 - Biscuits and Gravy ~ Buttermilk biscuit, spicy sausage gravy - Full order $6.25, half order $4.25

#6 - Locarno Omelet ~ Bacon, ham, roasted garlic, and Swiss with hash browns and toast. - $7.50

#7 - Ciabattina Sandwich ~ Two scrambled eggs on grilled Ciabattina - $4.25, with Swiss cheese - $4.75, with bacon - $4.95 with Swiss & bacon - $5.45

#8 - Breakfast Taco ~ Flour Tortilla, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, herb cream cheese and feta. Served with chipotle salsa. $6.25

Also Available: oven fresh pastries, scones, and muffins.

Sandwich Menu

#1 - Spicy Tuna Melt ~ Zesty mix of creamy tuna, southwest spices, jalapeno cream cheese, and cheddar on grilled white sourdough $7.45

#2 - Three Cheese Melt ~ Choose from: Swiss, Provolone, Goat, White Cheddar, fresh Mozzarella, Maytag Blue, or Manchego grilled on WheatFields' Sourdough - $6.95

#3 - Three Mushroom Melt ~ Roasted shiitake, portobello and button mushrooms with cheddar and Swiss cheese, spinach and a shallot confit on grilled Focaccia. $7.75

#4 - Vegetarian Reuben ~ Baked marinated tempeh with Swiss, sauerkraut, our Thousand Island dressing and grilled on Sourdough Rye - $7.95

#5 - Roasted Chicken Breast ~ Topped with Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, garden greens, aioli, red onions, oil and vinegar on baguette - $7.45

#6 - Croque Monsieur ~ Sliced ham, smoked Gouda, Swiss, and aioli grilled on WheatFields Sourdough. $7.45

#7 - Genoa Salami & Provolone ~ Accompanied by roasted red peppers, garden greens, red onions, oil and vinegar on Kalamata Olive bread - $7.95

#8 - Pastrami & Swiss ~ Topped with garden greens, fresh mayonnaise, whole grain mustard on Sourdough Rye - $7.95

#9 - Turkey & Cranberry Relish ~ Turkey breast roasted daily, accented with garden greens, fresh mayonnaise on Walnut Sage bread - $7.45

#10 - Roast Beef & White Cheddar ~ Roasted strip loin with horseradish dill mayonnaise, greens and white cheddar on Country French - $7.75

#11 - Turkey, Swiss & Apple ~ With freshly sliced green apple, house mayonnaise, oil and vinegar. Served heated on a Baguette - $7.95

#12 - Peanut Butter & Jelly ~ Organic peanut butterand a choice of locally made jam Country French - $4.45

#13 - Chicken salad ~ Oven roasted chicken tossed with toasted almonds, cranberries and fresh vegetables, with greens and aioli on Multigrain - $6.45

#14 - Caprese ~ Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, black pepper, and balsamic reduction on Rosemary Focaccia - $7.75

#15 - Eggplant Prosciutto Panini ~ Marinated eggplant, prosciutto, sundried tomato pesto, and chevre on rosemary Focaccia. - $6.45

#16 - B.L.A.T. ~ Bacon, lettuce, avaocado, tomato, and mayo on WheatFields Country French - $7.25

Soups Savories Salad

Call us at 841-5553 for Today's Flavors

Soup - Bowl - $4.15 Cup - $2.95
House Salad - Large House - $5.95, Side - $4.25
Soup and Salad - Cup of soup, side salad, bread - $6.45
Quiche - $3.45. With salad - $6.95
Focaccia - $3.25. With salad - $6.95
Empanada - $3.95. With salad - $7.25

Soup and salad served with bread.

July 2016 Dinner Selections
Available Tuesday, July 5th to
Friday, July 29th
 Scallop Ceviche with Tomato Gazpacho
Citrus-marinated scallops with onions, chile peppers, and cilantro served in the middle of our gazpacho with a baguette on the side.  $13.95
Green Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin Medallions
Served with roasted potatoes and sautéed broccoli greens with bacon and mushrooms.  $12.50
Chicken and Pecan Gremalata Salad
Arugula tossed with olive oil, chopped sweet dates, roasted corn, ricotta salata, roasted chicken breast, and topped with our pecan-scallion gremalata.  $10.95
Texas Dry Rubbed Brisket Sandwich
Slow-roasted brisket hand sliced on a house made brioche bun, then topped with a southern style chow chow relish. Paired with BBQ beans and pickled vegetables.  $11.50
Pasta Primavera 
Penne pasta with zucchini, mushrooms, red bell pepper, spinach, and tomato in an olive oil based sauce topped with parmesan.  Served with garlic toast.   $10.50
Add chicken:  $3.25
Every Wednesday night is Fried Chicken night $13.75
We strive to use the freshest ingredients.  Specials are subject to change without notice.



































Catering Menu 

Hand-Shaped Artisan Bread. Fresh Wholesome Food. Mouth-watering Pastries. The staff at WheatFields is pleased to assist you in entertaining. We will prepare a variety of wholesome and delicious foods for any occasion. Our pastry department is known for crafting exquisite desserts and will create a flavorful treat especially for you. Of course, no special occasion is complete without WheatFields’ famous artisan breads, baked fresh daily in our wood-fired oven. WheatFields Catering is available seven days a week. Whatever your needs, we will strive to help you make your gathering very special.For an affordable dining experience with your friends and family, let WheatFields prepare the food. Pick up your order at your convenience. All you have to do is serve and enjoy. Please allow us 72 hours notice to prepare for your event, and a week's notice if you plan on serving a sheet cake.
From the Kitchen

    WheatFields now offers breakfast, lunch and dinner catered options for your special event! Full service, delivery and beverage service available. Call or e-mail us for more information and a full catering menu!

  • Sandwiches ~ For a complete listing of sandwiches, please check the Sandwich Menu.
  • Meat & Cheese Tray ~ Roast beef, ham, pastrami, turkey, salami, Swiss, provolone, cheddar, and Manchego. If you have a special request for other meats or cheeses, we will try to accommodate. Served with WheatFields’ artisan bread, condiments and garnishes.
  • Soups & Savories ~ Seasonal specialties available. Soup sold by the serving, featuring Tomato Basil, Roasted Corn Chowder, Chicken Noodle, Cheddar Ale or Beef and Barley.
  • Quiche ~ 10” feeds 10-12, 3" Individual quiches sold by the dozen.
  • Empanadas ~ Individual and Miniature, sold by the dozen.
  • Focaccia ~ 17"X12” - Topped with vegetarian ingredients.
  • Salads ~ WheatFields' kitchen can prepare a number of fresh delicious salads to suit your needs. Orzo Pasta, Potato, Broccoli Rabe or Waldorf Salad; WheatFields, Arugula or Caesar Green Salad.
  • Specialty Trays ~ Beautifully arranged and ready to serve. Goat Cheese and Pesto Ball, Fruit, Vegetable, Cheese, or Antipasti, sold by the serving.
  • Pastries ~ Our pastry department can create a variety of tantalizing sweets that are the perfect finish to a WheatFields’ catered meal. Let our pastry chef help you choose the perfect dessert for you and your guests.
  • Cookies ~ Big and Mini. Choose from Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip, Ginger Almond Spice, Oatmeal Walnut Raisin. Choc et Choc.
  • Sheet Cakes* ~ Give our pastry chef a call and find out all the possibilities.*Please note that sheet cakes require at least one­week advance notice.
  • Other Information ~ We now can offer on site catering to parties of thirty to fifty people on Saturday nights.
We welcome comments and suggestions! Click here to send us an email.
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